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With over 30 years of experience, you can trust USA LAWNS, INC. to provide complete lawn and landscape maintenance for commercial and residential properties. USA LAWNS, INC. prides itself on its ability to evaluate and maintain the needs of your lawn, plants and trees which ultimately creates a consistently attractive property.

Landscape Maintenance services:

  • Comprehensive schedule of lawn management services

  • Fertilization of lawn, plants and trees

  • Tree pruning and shrub pruning

  • Weed control

  • Seasonal color

  • Installation of winter grass (rye)

  • Maintenance of sprinkler systems

  • Sod Installation

  • Tree removal and stump grinding

  • General property clean up

USA LAWNS, INC. can supply you with a professionally drawn landscape plan for your property. Once your goals are established, we will do a complete site evaluation and provide preliminary design ideas for you to review. The next step is to turn these ideas into finished plans, complete with plants, planting beds & hardscaping. A landscape design plan is the first step in transforming your property into the garden of your dreams.


USA LAWNS, INC. is an established landscaping company that provides expert design and installation of quality residential sprinkler systems. Irrigation systems are custom designed to fit any project size.

  • Irrigation design and installation – Sprinkler System is based on specific data relating to your property (i.e. water pressure, soil conditions, grade of land, and planting materials). USA LAWNS, INC. uses reliable systems such as Rainbird, Hunter and Toro. Our licensed irrigator will give you a complete demonstration on programming and adjusting the system once installed.

  • System modification – Your existing irrigation system can be modified, expanded or updated to meet changes in your landscape.

  • Surface and area drains can be designed and installed to remove flooding and/or standing water

  • Sump pumps can be installed and incorporated with any of the above systems to assist where sloping is not possible.

USA LAWNS, INC. has all the expertise and experience to properly fertilize or treat your lawn and beds to keep things looking great year round. From pre-emergent control, to spring green up to post-emergent treatments, you can trust that our team with use the right products in a safe and professional manner. 


USA LAWNS, INC. can implement low voltage lighting systems designed to illuminate and showcase your property. Lighting not only adds visual aesthetics but also increases lighting which can deter criminals. USA LAWNS, INC. can devise a set of lighting that encompasses various styles and functions by employing a combination of the following components to accent the property:

  • Well lights – These are installed in the ground to highlight trees, shrubbery and signage, etc.

  • Path lights – These are installed to provide more night security as well as clarity along driveways, walkways and stairs

  • Up lights and Accent lights – These are installed, in trees or on walls, to illuminate and showcase particular areas. These types of lights provide back light, spot light and/or flood light effects.

USA LAWNS, INC. can design and install retainer walls to stop erosion or just to add a unique visual design. The materials used for retainer walls will be selected to compliment existing materials as well as improve the look of your landscape, control erosion control and enhance the appearance of your property. Some options available for retaining walls:

  • Railroad ties

  • Segmental (paver concrete)

  • Natural stone 

  • Steel Edging


To add relaxation and tranquility to your property, USA LAWNS, INC. can install low maintenance water features to your property. Water features allocate a focal point and a place to relax at your home or commercial property.

  • Garden pond

  • Pondless waterfall

  • Decorative fountains

A good seasonal clean up of your lawn and landscaping is always a great way to get ready for Spring and refresh the look of your home or office. USA LAWNS, INC. can help you decide what needs to be pruned, trimmed, removed or replaced. 

In addition, we can design and install shade arbors, patio covers, pergolas for aesthetic purposes or arbors with swings. All of which add a unique visual design to your landscape.

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